banner3.jpg The Earth tribe are carers of the land, farmers by trade they work the land to grow crops and look after the animals that they have domesticated.

Our Story This story needs reworking earth tribe. The idea of killing is made again and again and again. The reader needs to know a little more about who you (Expand the first paragraph) are and perhaps give details of the outlaws decption rather than repeating yourselves. Why did you go to the docks? Where were you going?

j0433185.jpgWe didn't always live here you know. The Town of Dawn was it's name. We used to live in peace as a farming village. We grew everything. From Wheat to lettuce. We bred Cows and Chickens. But that was before the outlaws came. They asked us to let them stay in our village until they were safe from the authorities. When we refused, they took control of the village. They made us their slaves. So we all decided that in the dead of night we would make a run for it. But we didn't know that the outlaws were spying on us.They began to prepare. They set extra guards up at the gate and hidden guards in the trees of the forest we planned to escape to. So in the dead of night, we made a run for it. As we ran, outlaws started to chase us. They captured the ones of us that were too slow or had tripped and not got up in time. Only 100 of us made it to the forest and found safe hiding spots. We hid in the forest for 3 days and 3 nights, tortured by the screams of people being found and taken away. We knew that we could not go back otherwise we would be taken too. So we lived on in the forest until Winter came. It was quite cold so we moved trough the forests until we reached the docks. A nice man asked us if we wanted to buy a boat. We put all of our money that we had together and bought a ship and 20 important items to start us off in a new land. We all set off out to sea. We were in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden we were attacked by pirates. They attacked us like ravenous wolves. We all escaped safely though with our 20 items. We carried on in our journey until we spotted land. We landed on the beach and started to explore the unknown island. We found that it was very prosperous. We all decided to live on this new island. We named it Wolf Island because like a pack of wolves, we all had to work together to make our trip successful. We lived on as the regular old farmers that we were back in Dawn Town.
=Our Flag=

Our Roles
Leader: Katelyn Cundy
Deputy Leader: Jesse Owsley
Crop Manager: Kate Jellyman
Deputy Crop Manager: Alasdair Campbell
Animal Manager: Lia Mithchell
Deputy Animal Manager: Casey Orr.

Wolf Tribe Maps



Our Policies:=

Environment *Make a well for water *Plant fruit trees and vegetable gardens *Have more than one farm Economy and Trade || = trade poison arrow frogs * trade seeds for seeds that grow into plants with seeds* trade milk and cheese Education *build a school for children and adults* train people to harvest crops and produce* trade blankets for educational toys and games*

Planks of Wood
Hunting Tools
First Aid
Hunting Knives

Meat, Vegetables, fruit ect.
For building houses
For pulling things together
For water proofing roofs and boats
For lighting fires
Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Lettuce, Apples and Oranges
Sheep (Boy and Girl), Cows (Boy and Girl)
For collecting fruit
For Sharpening Blades on Swords, Axes etc.
Bow and Arrows
Buckets, Axes, Saws, Hammers and Spades
Bandages and medicine for injuries
For trade and fires
For clothes and towels
In case of attacks
For light inside the houses
For cooking and boiling water
For filleting and skinning animals
For trade and eating with
For digging rows for seeds

Our Tribal Art