external image 1908058003_70cfe6b7b6.jpgYour tribe has travelled many miles to reach this land of new opportunity. For whatever reason you left or fled the times ahead will not be easy. There is much to do as you begin to build the village in which you will live.

Well done you have decided on what you are able to take with you on your travels. I hope you chose wisely, The 20 items must be listed on your tribes script to be considered yours. When the opportunity begins to start trading these ledgers will be valuable.

Today there are important decisions to be made.
  • You must choose a site to setup your village a map of the terrain needs to be created to describe what your village will look like.
  • Consider what land features are important and what resources will be of value to you.
  • Your village needs to house up to 100 people.
Criteria for map:
  • Must include a legend / Key
  • Have a border
  • Be named
  • Have a scale (The area of your lands cannot be more than 100 kms).
  • You may want to include a picture of what your village will look like.

Your lands are rough and unkept but you see the potential that this place has for your tribe. Your village is housed and has everything you need to survive. You have worked hard and for the first time in weeks all your people rest and take stock of what they have achieved. You sit around the fire and and tell the story of how you all came to come to this place.

  • Post your story on your scroll.

Keeping your history alive is important, telling tales of your heroes, conquests, challeges and everyday way of life will pass your identity onto future generations.
  • Everyone in your tribe has been asked to create a picture using pointilistic design to help record your history.
  • This is a picture using dots placed close together.
  • The Herald will instruct you on how to complete your picture.

Taxes have been introduced to your community.
  • Tribes have the opportunity to earn currency or reward for their efforts. As each task is completed satisfactorily you will be granted reward if you are late taxes will apply.

Values, Principles, Virtues:
  • By now your tribe will be developing a sense of identity. It is important that this be communicated well to others so they understand who you are.
We will be discussing what values and virtues are and as a tribe you will choose 3 that are most important to you.
  • Write a Motto, that all tribe members can remember and believe in. This motto will most likely include the values you have chosen.
  • Design a flag that symbolises your tribe; an example A Lion represents courage while a dove represents peace.

Leadership and Elections:
  • With a sense of identity firmly in place within your community it is decided that some form of government be formed. The future and ambitions of your people rests in the choices you will make.
  • Go to the Leadership page to find out what must be done.

  • A team within your tribe must prepare its' defences against attack from others. This system must be realistic and only use technologies of the 12th century or your own innovations. Research and record your strategies in detail as the future of your tribe relies on how well you can explain your defence.

Imperial Nation