hunter.jpgThe hunters and gatherers live off the land, hunting, trapping or gathering resources for survival.

Our Story: How we came to this land

In the year 1214 we lived in a peaceful place called Angola. We had a nice and quiet town where nobody used to fight. But one day that all changed when Zambia came at us with their spears and weapons of mass destruction. We were at war; when we first came to this town we had 100 people and now we are left with 82. Our town leader decided it best that we all should go to a different island. We had 10 minutes before the Zambians came to destroy us, so we packed everything we could carry and what was important to us and journeyed for Madagascar.

Things we will need for our journey:
  • 1.hunting gear-spear, bow & arrow
  • 2.herbs for first aid
  • 4.livestock- bull & cow
  • 5.seed-corn,potatoes,grapes,apples,bean,carrots
  • gear
  • 7.rope
  • 8.navigation tools
  • 9.blankets
  • 10.machete
  • 11.bucket
  • 12.spades
  • 13.coal
  • 14.flint
  • 15.books
  • 16.sewing materials
  • 18.pickaxes
  • 19.weaving loom
  • 20.hunting knives

The Virtues we value most:

  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Honour
MAP PignGoats.jpg

Our Policies

1. School/hunting school to educate the children.
2. Invent musical instruments for when we get bored and to be creative.
3. Market to sell our stuff.
4. Smokehouse-storeroom to store the meat and other food.
5. Huts/houses to live in!
6. vineyard-orchard to grow things.
7. Farms for the animals.
8. Wells for water.
9. Dock for the boats

Our reply to the Imperial Nation Letter

Prime Chancellor of The Imperial Nation

We are currently considering whether or not to accept your offer but we have some questions we would like you to answer before we make our final decision.
If we accept your offer:
1. What will your tribe do to protect our tribe??
2. What are your laws??
3. Who/what will you protect us from??
4. What resources do you have??
5. How do we know that we can trust you??
6. How do we know that you won’t just get to our island and then steal all our stuff or take over our tribe??
7. What resources do you have to protect us??
Please answer our questions and reply to our letter
Yours sincerely
The leaders of the hunters and gatherers tribe