external image king&queen_1_md.gifEvery nation must have leadership. It is time for your tribe to elect someone to lead your tribe to prosperity. There are many important issues to consider. Work through the questions and tasks given to determine how your system of leadership will be organised and led. Be prepared to explain your choices.

  • Is leadership important? Why?
  • What characteristics should a leader have?
  • How is leadership decided in different societies around the world?
  • What is democracy?
  • Are elections necessary?
  • How are elections organised?
  • What can be done if we don't like what our leader has decided?
  • A leader can't do everything they say, so how do things get done?
  • Who has the right to vote?

Once you have answered the questions above and have a fair understanding of leadership and elections you must work through the following process.

  • Elect a goverment for your nation. This government will have a supreme leader and deputies.
  • Elections must involve a process. Discuss this process with the Herald and an election will be held for your tribe. It is likely that the following issues will be included. Nominations, campaign for candidates, polling and voting.
  • As a government your first task is to write a policy on what what you intend to do to help your people in the following areas. Environment, Education, Health and your Economy.