The Masons are wonderful builders they use resources from the land to make buildings and roads and other structures.

How we came to our island.
Bang, bang, bang is the sound of bombs going off in our homes and in our lands. It smells like smoke from when the bombs exploded everywhere, the children are crying because of the thought of death when they still have a life ahead of them waiting to be lived. The sound of water rushing past us as we escaped from this country to find yet another to live in and only living of twenty items to start us off.

It was a long time waiting to find an island that we could call our own. Then our tired and desperate eyes finally spotted an island that would be a good place to make our land.
As we pulled our boats up out of the water we knew our people would be safe in this strange but beautiful island. Then the 5 other leaders came over to decide if this place would be our future home that we wanted for our people, we decided to ask our people about what they thought about it because they also had to live here. There were some who thought we shouldn’t stay here and that we should go back to our old home and fight but all there others voted to stay.

The next day we started to pull down trees to make some huts and fences. We also had to plant the seeds and feed the animals. This continued for 6 months until we had finished building a beautiful and safe place for our people to live. We sent out groups of hunters and scientists to bring us back some information about this island.

I am now a glad that there was a war going on because other wise we wouldn’t have came to this land that we will now be living in for a long time to come.
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Leader: Bronson Deputy:Caitlin C Environment: Matt,Jett,steven Economy:Rene,Caitlin M

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  • Create a table and add your list on this page.
1: Tools -Handsaw, Axe, Hammer, Spade, Rope, Bucket
2: Herbs and Spices -Kawa Kawa Leaves, alovera
3: Seeds (Corn, Carrots, Maze, Carrots, Beans, Tomatoes
4: Flint and Knife
5: Livestock -1 bull, 1 cow
6: Building Materials -Wood, Wooden Nails, Bricks
7: Spear
8: He Naki
9: Pig Hunting Dogs (8)
10: Bow and Arrows
11: Diamonds
12: Gold
13: Change of Clothes
14: Fishing Line
15: Fishing Rod
16: Bait
17: Crates
18: Horses
19: Roman Sandals
20: Flax
Our policies

  • We will build a school near our village so the kids are smart
  • We'll have educational camping trips in the forest to teach kids about saftey in forests and for fun
  • We will have a group of sports teams to compete against other tribes and for fitness
  • Everyone will have first aid practice in schools so that they no how to help people durine wars and conflict.
  • We will have shoes to protect our feet from cuts and wild animals like snakes
  • We will build a few long drops because its safer and more hygenic then wandering into the forest
  • To be continued...

  • We'll build things like clothing, houses, schools etc in exchange for food, live stock, tools, medical supplies etc
  • We'll trade things with other tribes for anything better