philosopher.jpgThe Philosopher tribe are thinkers, inventors and artists they help others and are good at organising things.

The Story of the Tribe of Xavier
We come from the land of Nezeipia, the bridge between Levaes and Tice, these lands were lush and trimmed with plentiful growth but human storm stole their own land, a mistake trimmed with guilt. There was much wealth in the Levaes, this is the cause of war declared in the tough year of 1206 as poverty reigned over the soil of Tice. At the knowledge, our tribe of Xavier hid in our shadows to escape and ran from our own land which bridged the gap; our land is now the grounds of battle.
With the bare essentials creating weight under the sea we rode, escape was a choice – freedom or fail, faith, a necessity for both. If we had been caught, life would be hung, as all people of wealth and poverty would battle, and the children another story.
In a boat of wood, a compass and a sea, rough from the storm it took us, reflecting our thoughts to another land unknown. As Philosophers – studiers of the truths of life and morals, this find of the land, struck a new fire of curiosity in each follower of the tribe of Xavier, more so in I, the leader of this clan.
Living simply and light, 20 items in total rescued in the quickening of our panic, and the rough terrain of the new found land, our tribe of 90 separated in three and began what could be the end of a new life, preparing for the unsought difficulties we remain stead fast.

The Virtues we value the most: Determination, Optimism, Wisdom, Organisation, Forgiveness

Our List Of Supplies
1.Wooden boat
2.Livestock; Cow, Bull, Sheep, Ram.
4.Seeds; Wheat, Carrots, Potatoe, Tomatoe, Corn, Orange
5. Natural Remidies; Herbs and Spices
6.Tools; Hammer, Axe, Saw, Rope, Sword, spade(s)
7.Preserving Equipment; (hut)
8.Oil Lamp
9. Canvas
10.Bow and Arrows
12.Guard Dogs and Pigs
13.Stationary; quils and Ink
14. Blankets; Wool, Cotton
15.Slates; Paper, block
16. Scrolls; books
17.Preserved Food; Dried Fruit and Veges
20.Pots and Pans (cooking instruments)

Our policies/values /we live by these
Health: Medicine
- Everone is to take first aid courses/lessons which inculdes learning about the herbs and
spices we brought to the island so we can find out how we can use them to help us.
- Sleep: Everyone is to have at least eight to nine hours sleep a night (This excludes

the men that keep watch at night, these men get the same amount of sleep but during the

Education: the boy's from the age of six are to go to/ take to a training school to teach
them to fight in battle, and to build, help with the crops/ food. Otherwise the girls (also
starting thier school at the age of six) will be taught by the women to teach the young girls
what to do in case of battle, how to tend to the crops, housework, cooking, mending
clothes and how to make them, and injury healing. The schools will be in the meeting hall
at different times. But before the children start these schools they will spend thier year as
a five year old at a pre-school geting them ready for thier school times ahead. Both
boys and girls will share the pre-school together. The girls school shall end at the age
of seventeen, so she may sort out her marrige life and move into her own home.

Community: All people in our tribe (incuding the children at school) help in building the
community by helping in all four groups of our tribe to keep us alive. (We have split
ourselves into four groups the livestock carers, vegetation/crop carers, leadership/leaders,
and child(ren) carers.) Everyone is to reseach and write (if they're in school/over that is) to help more people understand how to make a good safe community/ a place for everyone to be
able to enjoy.
- We do not have the need for money so we all just share all our produce with each other which helps in the community and getting to know the tribe better.

weed and water the crops/ vege garden regurlarly.