te_moana_banner.jpg fish.jpgThe Sea tribe uses the resources from the sea for their survival.

Our Story: How we came to this new land

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Our tribe (te Moana) and its seven leaders lived on a small island off the coast of Japan, though we had originally migrated from the Philippine islands. We left in search of better lands when we got to the island, for us it was just the place we would like to start a new life.
What we didn’t know about this island was that it was owned by the Japanese, so when we least expected it the Japanese soldiers invaded our camps, burn the homes we had started to make and killed over half our people. Fifty lucky villagers hid and ran to the boats we had come in then sailed off before the Japanese could spot us. We didn't have time to collect all our items but we were able to take 20.
After 4 days and 4 nights at sea we finally spotted some land. It was a small island. On the island we could see vast forests with animals like oars in it. There was no sign of any other life besides the school of fish swimming under us.
The tribe, leaders and I slowly and carefully woked our way through the reef below us.
As we can ashore we saw that there was fresh water to drink fromThere was still one thing the seven leaders needed to know and that was why was the island deserted no sooner had one of the leaders said this a small child piped up and said sir maybe the volcano sitting in the middle of the island erupted many years ago and so far no one has discovered it accept us.
The leaders thought over the child statement and then sent some men to see if the volcano was extinct or not, when the men came back the confronted the leaders about there findings they said no longer is this volcano active it has been extinct for years and years judging by the diamonds and gold slowly growing among the rocks.
So it was decided that this island was going to supply them for a very long time but the villagers still had much to learn and discover about this new place.
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Phoenix (Wolf Fang)
Wolf Fang is the leader of the whole tribe with the help of Storm Breaker. We also are the traders of the tribe.
Bella (Storm Breaker)
Second in charge of the whole tribe. Trader of the tribe.
Kate (Eagle Eye)
She is our very own witch doctor. She makes medicains our of herbs and heals the sick and wounded. She also looks after the animals.
Jonny (Tawhiti)
Tawhiti is the leader for hunting. He hunts for boars in the forests. He looks after the hunting dogs.
Flo (War Craft)
War Craft is the head leader of the millitary defence systems. And trainer.
Tom (Tombow)
Tombow invents items and teaches the children in the tribe.
Josh (Juju Bug)
He is the leader for looking after food and cooks for the tribe. Looks after crops.
Earth: Sister Tribe
Philosephers: Sister Tribe
Hunters & Gatherers: Alliance
Masons: Alliance

The 20 needed items of the Te Moana Tribe

1: Herbs/Spices: Epimedium, Tribulus terrestris, Ginseng, Ashwagandha,
Psyllium seed husks, Schisandra.
2: Live stock: 1 Cow/2 Bulls 1Hen/2 Roosters
3: Flints
4. Seeds:Rice , tomato, beans, potato, watermelon, sweet corn
5: Tools: Axe, pick axe, big/small knives, spade, rope, fishing line
6: Bucket
7: Horses
8: Boat
9: Hunting dogs
10: Leather/Wool
11: Fishing nets
12: Skeletons of teepees and huts
13: Hay
14: Bamboo polls
15: Pots and pans
16: Bow and arrow
17: Black powder
18: plough
19: bottles
20: spe

= ==The virtues we value the most:==

  • Co-operation
  • Peace
  • Perseverance
  • Trust

Our History in Art: